How to Prepare For NEET 2019?

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is one of the most coveted medical entrance exam in India. Every year numbers of students appear in this test in order to create a place for them in the top Private and government medical colleges of India. But it is also a fact that it is not easy to crack the exam and the students need to undergo extreme hard work in order to make it through the enormous competition in the horde of getting the seats. So in case you want to know how you can start preparing for NEET 2019, below mentioned tips will assist you.

The strategy to prepare for this exam should be the same like All India Pre Medical test – AIPMT.  And always remember that you need to follow NCERT recommended books or study material that is relevant NEET Syllabus of any coaching center.

You must always focus on :Practice, Concepts, Accuracy, and Speed.

You must have all the basics of the topics clear so that you are able to handle easy or complex questions related to those topics. It is also because of the fact that at times, easier questions can come from the topics that you didn’t study and even difficult and tricky questions can come from the part that you prepare well for.

You must create a timetable wherein you must allocate time for all the subjects. Make sure that you do not avoid any topic or subject or give unnecessary time to any.

Practice is the key. Looking at the examples would not help you so it is better to practice and only practice. Sometimes, the questions may appear simpler but actually they are not so. Only practice can help you score well.

Solve questions as much as you can and make sure that you increase your accuracy and speed. Use the shortcuts once you are comfortable with them and whenever in doubt, ask questions from your teachers. Do not keep your doubts and questions piled up or pending.

There is a lot of study material out there but the most important things that you require to break through the NEET exam are NCERT books, doubt removals, practice tests, revising topics, maintaining speed and accuracy, solving questions every day, and being regular with your classes.

Creating the strategy for Subject wise study for NEET 2019

To succeed with Physics, you need to gain unconditional clarity which can only come from practice. You must understand the basics concepts of the subject and then the formula memorization would not a difficult task. In case you are not clear on the concepts, you are surely heading towards a hot soup. Always ask the teachers for the good books which are recommended and specifically designed for the preparation of the NEET entrance exam. Always practice problems related to concept and take up issues which relate theoretical physics to our daily life. In solving these questions, your analytical skills will be put to test.

For organic Chemistry, the candidates must study all reaction mechanisms and memorize all named reactions. Study the topics thoroughly and keep making notes while studying. While for Physical Chemistry, always refer to NCERT books and get your concepts cleared. Jot down all the equations whenever you are done studying the chapters. This will serve as a speedy reference and you can solve the further problems with much ease. To gain basic understanding on Inorganic Chemistry, NCERT is the preferred book. Make a habit of preparing precise notes for each topic no matter how big or small it is.

Similarly for biology, NCERT provides all the necessary information which would enable you to score well in the entrance test. You must always practice making notes from the start of your studying process and also regular revision of those notes is important.

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