7 Tips that will help NEET repeaters to secure a seat in 2019

Are You Preparing for Neet exam 2019? If yes this guide for you. Let’s Read!

Some of us know from our very childhood what we want to become when we grow up, while for others it remains oblivious for as long as you can think. One such dream is to become a doctor, treat people and do the noblest job in the world, isn’t it? But what comes along with this dream is the need of unbroken, unbiased dedication, hard work, concentration and a positive attitude towards the profession. However, it would seem like the toughest task in the world to be able to crack an entrance into a medical school. Yes, you read that right and I am pretty sure most of you already know for a fact that getting into a medical school is not everyone’s cup of tea. This brings me to the most depressed part, that is, a drop year! Before getting into the tips of preparation,

I would like to address the issue which every drop year student feels and this is a major lack of confidence. Some even go to the extent of feeling like at the end of the world and that life doesn’t make sense anymore. To everyone who is feeling that way, read this carefully- ‘Your score does not define your capability’! At the end of the day, it is how stable your mind is during those three hours of the exam time, defines your performance. I am saying this because the pressure of doing the best that build up in one’s mind is the reason why most people, despite the fact that they have studied so well, are unable to crack the exam.

Therefore, if you have finally made up your mind to give it another shot, you better read the tips mentioned below. Disclaimer: no tips or tricks will be able to help you and promise you a good score if you are not determined from within. It is really important to have self-confidence because this is something no one can inculcate in you. Therefore, before getting into the tips which are mentioned below, promise yourself to not lose your self-confidence because it is a long way until the exam which is to happen next year. The promise you make right now will help you throughout the duration and will reflect on your studies. Just as well.

Well, continue reading below for savior tried and tested tips from the scholars who have not just cracked but aced the NEET exam!

1. Make a plan:- It is true that every student does make a plan and this might be the most common tip which everyone and anyone will give you. But remember that this is the tip which can make or break your way to cracking NEET. You do not have to go hard on yourself by making a study plan which lasts up to 17 hours a day. This way, you will end up abandoning your plan and go randomly which is a big NO-NO. Instead, make a convenient study plan which includes co-curricular activities, sports, and recreational stuff. It is important for your plan to be convenient because only then your mind and body will adapt to it and within a few weeks time it will be like a habit. Make sure that your plan is for a long-term view, that is, until the last month’s time. It should be divided into three phases: learning, practice and hardcore revision. Your plan should be planned one month ahead of your exam date, meaning one month prior to the exam you shouldn’t be learning instead, you should be solving sample papers. This brings me to tip number 2.

2. Solve Sample papers:- When speaking of sample papers, most people will not agree on solves sample papers on a regular basis however, this is where one goes wrong. Do not wait until the last month to solve sample/previous year’s papers. Initially, as you are starting to make a habit of solving at least 2 sample papers every week. These sample papers will make you reflect on the subjects and chapters where you lack and excel. Also, keep re-solving sample papers if you run out of them because believe it or not, a good number of questions are indeed, repeated from such samples.

3. Distribute your time thoughtfully:- This should be counted in within your study plan since time is the only entity which is not under your control. Yes, it is very important for you to revise all the three subjects, every day! Do not skip out on any subject because our memory is only promising if we keep on feeding it timely. Since biology is completely theoretical keep it for the hours between studying physics and chemistry. Also, revising organic chemistry for a minimum of one hour a day is mandatory!

4. Know your weak subject:- It is only natural for one to be weak at one subject and if you know yours, start working harder for that. There are two ways of achieving that: increase the number of study hours or have a tutor. Speaking of tutor brings me to the next tip!

5. Choose your own holy grail between a tutor and coaching institute:- Well if you trust me, you should go with this tip that is, do not run for a coaching institute and waste any more time. It is much better to have a private tutor than going to a coaching institute. A private home tutor is more promising than joining a batch of hundred students at a coaching institute. What’s smarts to joining these institutes for the weekly or monthly mock tests which will give you more exposure to learn how to balance your emotional state-of-mind and making use of all your learning’s and manage the three hours thoughtfully?

6. Make a plan for the 3 hours:- It is sad that no one really tells a student how to manage the three hours of the exam while it is the ultimate judgment time for one! Hence, I only feel it was fair if I added a word into saying that management of *those 3 hours* is most important. I know for a fact that all you have been through the wrath of the clock ticking and the three hours going away just like that. Well, this shouldn’t be happening if you legit make a plan for your exam time. When I talked about knowing your weak subject it was also to explain that does not begin with ‘that’ particular subject when you are sitting for the exam. It is for a simple reason and that is, high, in the beginning, will boost your speed and also the probability of falling into the wrath of confusion. If only you dare to start with your weak subject and if you get stuck with any question, even if it is just one, that will occupy your mind which will cause tensed state-of-mind.

7. Emotional state-of-mind:- Last but most important tip is to have positivity in your mind. I keep on repeating this because it all comes down to how your mind is taking all the situations which are going on. This is why it is always advised to keep some time for yourself every day where you are relaxing or doing something for your own. Get rid of anything if it is disturbing you because trust me; a disturbed peace of mind is the last thing which you want on top of all the tension about the exam. Even if it a toxic relationship, it isn’t worth cribbing over when you can do so much better in life as you stand a chance at becoming a doctor!

Well, this was all for now and I hope these tips prove out to be helpful for each and every one of you. Just remember to believe in yourself and keep your mental stability in control. As for the exam, it will go smooth provided you follow the aforementioned tips religiously!

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